This site contains original Christian music for use in church, in groups, in aged care facilities, around campfires, at prison fellowships, during Easter, Christmas, celebrating communion … or just at home with your family and friends.

It includes music (usually for piano and guitar) and an option to see and hear a video of the song performed.  These are suitable for audio-visual presentations during worship.  Frequently there is also an option to the PowerPoint lyrics.  The videos all have the words as subtitles.

The named composers and lyricists have provided the words and music free for public use. The only condition is that if you play, perform or print any of our music, that you acknowledge the copyright (which is shown beside each piece of music).

Thanks, and may this music enrich your worship,

Andrew Davis and John Waddell,

The Praise and Worship Music Team


Please click on the titles below to hear and read the music.  A brief description of each song is also given.

Adonai El Shaddai

The Ruler of the universe is praised.  We stand in awe as we look at how He has made all things from the formless void.

As His Church We Gather

This song is about praise for the God who is present among His people.  We are His church, and He is with us in our lives, and with the power of His Spirit and love we are strengthened every day. 

Because of What You Have Done for Me

We acknowledge all that God has done for us, including the extraordinary gift of His Son.  We are changed when we embrace His love, and walk along the path on which His Spirit guides us.

Born Like Each Of Us

A Christmas season song celebrating Jesus' humanness.  Born like us and learning life's lessons as a child - just like us. Through His example we learn how to live.

Come Follow

A lively invitation from Jesus to follow Him.  The power of His Spirit will guide us, and transform us, freeing us from guilt and shame and, ultimately, welcoming us into His kingdom.

Do This In Remembrance of Me

A communion song based on 1 Corinthians 11:23b-25, in which we take bread, eat it and remember Jesus.  And we drink wine and remember the new covenant He has made with His blood. 

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

A rowdy song of unashamed praise.  In worshiping God, we acknowledge His creation power, authorship of life, and love for us.  We are called on to love one another and let our faith grow. 

For God So Loved the World

Based on, arguably, the most famous verse in the Bible (John 3:16), this song summarises Jesus' life story by reminding us that He loves us so much, He died to save us from our own sins and to give us eternal life.

Heaven's Gates

A song to celebrate our entry to heaven.  Many people long to be by Jesus' side when we loose the bonds of earth.  We anticipate the joy of hearing, seeing, and dancing in heaven, and being comforted in His arms. 

How Wonderful Your Love For Us

A love song - about God's love for us, which is uncompromised, unconditional and perpetual.  He showers us with His great mercy and grace.  All we have to do is love each other and put our trust in God.  

I Dare Not

This song is based on the last chapters of Job, where God puts humanity in perspective.  His immense power and preeminence, creativity and splendour are so great that we have trouble grasping His vision and plan, let alonethe detail with which He has addressed creation. 

I Let My Life

This song is appropriate for prisoners.  Based on his experience as a prison chaplain, John wrote these lyrics, acknowledging the anguish prisoners can face when they meet Jesus.

I Live to Serve You Lord

Even though the spirit is willing and the flesh weak, I do my best, Lord.  Although you daily fill me with your blessings, I turn away.  We repent and call your name, making renewed attempts to obey you afresh each day.

I Love You Lord

This song is based on Psalm 116.  It notes that God hears us when we call and shows mercy on us.  When all seems lost He is compassionate and protects us, He holds us up when we stumble, and encourages us when we walk in His presence.

I Rise Today

This song is based on the 5th century Prayer of Patrick.  It celebrates our presence with God in His extraordinary creation.

It is the Bond of Love

This song is based on Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.  This Bible passage are often quoted at weddings, but they are timeless, beautifully poetic, and apply wherever true love exists.

Jesus Christ, You Gave Your Life

This song calls on us to serve and love Jesus, just as He has loved and died for us.  It also celebrates the bread and wine that bring new life.  It is appropriate for communion.

Lord Help Me Make My Love for You

This song is a a plea for help, and an expression of simple gratitude to the Almighty.  It is a prayer, in which we ask the Lord to help us make my love for Him all that it needs to be; for ears to hear and eyes to see all that He offers us.

Lord My Life is in Your Hands

This song is based in Isaiah 49:10 and John 10:29.  We are held in God's hands and, if we surrender to Him, we will receive all the care and love His grace provides.   

Love is Patient

Based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, this song is suitable for weddings - or any time.  As a song about the wonders and nature of love, it sharpens our awareness the intensity of God's love for us.

Riding Into Jerusalem

This Palm Sunday and Good Friday song has a straight forward version and a discordant four-part choir version.  It is about Jesus' triumphant ride into Jerusalem, and the subsequent events leading up to His death on the cross.

Thank You For This Life Lord

A jaunty song of gratitude to God.  Thanks for this life, family, friends, our nation, beauty, the vast expanse of the universe ... and ultimately our welcome into heaven.

Thank You Lord for the Gifts

A thank you song to show our appreciation to God.  We have so many gifts, and we need His help to use them wisely.  Humility, faith and strength are required to follow in Jesus' footsteps, and to use His gifts to serve and follow Him.

Thank You Lord for Those Who Guide Us

An expression of thanks for Godly mentors, guides and friends on whom we can model ourselves.

The Power of His Healing Hands

Christ, our delight, heals us.  We thank Him for His healing power, and for the His love, forgiveness and guidance.  With so much mercy and grace, we can safely say that Christ is our delight indeed!

There Are Times

An appeal to God to help us manage low times.  Like many of the Psalms, this song acknowledges that we can feel so low that we call out in tears to God, expressing our deep love and pain, yet knowingHis love for us, and our love for Him will carry us through.

They Hung You on a Cross

An Easter season song.  Starting in a minor key, we sing of Jesus' suffering and his mother's despair.  But after the Sabbath, when they discover He is risen, there is abundant joy; and love is expressed in thanks for what you have done for us.  The second section is in a major key.

We Live Our Lives Just to Please You

This is a song of surrender to Jesus.  He loves us just the way we are, He made us as he wants us.  We are to spread the word about Him, to praise Him, and follow wherever He leads us.

We Need Not Worry

Based on the first eleven verses of Psalm 37, this song encourages us not to worry about people who wrong us.  Just be patient, wait on God and He will, in His own time, richly reward people who place their hope and trust inHim. 

We Send Our Soldiers

In this song, which is appropriate for occasions such as Remembrance or ANZAC Days, we acknowledge that, for those who do the fighting, war is tough.  People who stay home can never fully appreciate the cost of the freedoms we gain through sacrifice.

When the Storms of Life Surround Me

God's strength aids us when troubles seem over-whelming.  His love and grace abound, driving away fear and sustaining us with the power of His presence and love.

Women of God

This song about some of the women of the Bible, tells their stories and recalls the important roles they had in God's plan.  The song celebrates the faith of Ruth, Sarah, Miriam, Rahab, Hannah, and the Samaritan woman at Jacob's Well.

You Are Always By Our Side

This song celebrates that God is there beside you, even when times are tough.  Whatever the circumstances, He is there beside us meeting our needs, gently calling us, forgiving when we wander away, and igniting His Spirit within us.

You Are Our God

A missioning, or sending out song, which acknowledges the relationship we share with God, and notes His desire for us to serve, follow, heal, help and comfort othersin His name.

You Are Our Shepherd

A song based on Psalm 23, which reminds us how God satisfies our wants, leads us, walks beside us, heals us and extends His goodness and mercy to us.

You Lived and Died

This song is appropriate for Communion.  It is a quiet song about Jesus' death on the cross, with a chorus inviting us to eat the bread, drink the wine, and remember Him.